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Ready, Fire, Aim

A great archer doesn’t hit a target, they hit the target. Using an entire quiver in the hope you may hit something is Battle Ship not archery. I’d rather be an archer. Products and Targets Mostly, I design things in the business to business market. My perfect Venn diagram of a product has an intersection of “Good for my business”, “Good our partner”, and “Great for the person using it”. That’s my target. If one... View Article

I’m Michael

In a nut shell, I’m a UX and visual designer who focuses on making sure people and computers play nice with each other. I also love working on identity design and bridging the gap between visual elegance and data delivery that is at the heart of great experiences on the web.

I hold a BFA in from The School of Visual Arts and have been designing and development websites and products since 1998.

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