A New Hope

Every few years I tear down my site and rebuild. This is usually when I’m not happy with how the site is a) looking, b) built or c) I want to learn something new. My motivation for the current iteration of the site involved all three.

a) Looking

The previous version of my site was kind of ok. But to me it was little flavorless. I liked the illustrations I was using, but it didn’t feel like the kind of design I’m practicing in my daily work. I also wanted something that was at once visually striking, yet allowed different types of content to take center stage.

b) Built

This latest iteration of my site is a more streamlined system, built with Jekyll and Gulp. I love/hate it. It took me a long time to get the hang of Gulp and to learn how to work with the Jekyll build process. On top of that, I wanted a way to manage it from multiple computers, without have to use a Github repo. This site builds from Dropbox — I can just open up terminal run a command or two, and boom — it’s updated.

This is my first time working with a static site generator, so far I like it much more than Wordpress. It’s not something that Isetup for a lay person, but if you can handle a text editor and coding, I highly recommend it.

c) Something New

Learning new things is one of my favorite parts about digital design. I struggled with getting Gulp working within the Jekyll framework. But after reading many tutorials and experiencing many false starts, I finally have it running in a way I can understand and control.

In conclusion

My goal was to launch my new site in the beginning of the new year. So, with a little pat on my back and a lot of work to be done, here’s to fun new projects in the new year. Cheers!