How would you design an career-boosting selfservice education platform?

The Challenge

Corpu had an sucessful learning platform. It's clients could assign learning moduals to their employees on a variety of business related topics. However, a negative trend was developing — learners were dropping out in latter part of the course. Because courses were designed to run in as a cohort, this trend impacted everyone taking the course. How could we keep people engaged?


Working with a cross functional team, I gathered data about the learner's habbits and formed a hypothis. People didn't feel personally invested in the course and didn't feel a responsibility to their fellow learners.

I looked outside of our industry, at other b2b services that were growing and getting people excited to use them. Slack and Basecamp, both were using a models that I drew inspiration from. We flipped our enrollment model, allowing employees to select a course, then invite their coworks to improve in specific area of business.


Working with the team, we created a new onboarding flow, invitation system, and course engagement models.

Followning a bi-weekly sprint schedule, we relased a feature, tested, and iterated on it. Over two months we created a new model engaged people in learning at focused on their professional interested and peer groups.