How do you design a resposive website that serves over 400 schools cafeterias, higher educations dining halls, and corporate campuses?

The Challenge

Campusdish, the user facing side of Aramark's educations and corporate dining services, wasn't meeting it's users where they were. Similar to many products, it had grown over time and needed a strategic relaignment. Aramark wanted to provide a great experience on every device for all of their customers.


My timeline needed to sync with an aggressive development sprint schedule. With little time to losse, I worked directly with business owners to understand thier needs and ensured we delivered a product that contiued to support them. Simultaneously, I analyzed the their customers' journeys and proposed new flows to help people accomplish thier goals.

I focused on refining and simplifing the deisgn and created clearer forms, card-based information grouping, and a light weight, approachable personality.


Currenly, the new website is being rolled out across all of Aramark's clients and has been embraced by Aramark's customers. We've seen increased user satification in finding dining locations, hours, and menus.

“Hope you are proud of your team’s work as much as I am. We have been getting great reviews from the field.”

- Feedback from the Aramark Team