Introducing Trust

How do you connect with your trusted network and improve your career?


Design an MVP for a product that makes it easier to share connections and expertise without the baggage of existing platforms.

Intronet was a startup, which had previous success with a Chrome plug-in, but wanted to create something more engaging.


Starting with research based on the customers of the existing product, I set out create a place where people could get help from trusted members of their real-world networks. I researched what other networks were doing and users’ satisfaction with them.

We decided that the trust and transparency that peer groups had offline would be a solid base. Our product helped users privately leverage their offline relationships to get advice from people they trusted.

My Role

I was the lead designer on this project. I covered all aspects of design, from branding to UX, and everywhere in between.


We needed some fresh branding. I wanted to create a brand that conveyed growth and connection.

Logo and app icon

User experience

Research surfaced two main themes in our competitive landscape. One, people didn’t trust that the information they were getting though LinkedIn, Facebook and other sources was trustworthy. Two, the endless feeds treated everything with equal weight and made it hard to discern what was the most important to look at.

Today view

I used this research to design three core parts of the platform. One, evaluating their relationship to their contacts. Two, asking for advice and helping peers. Three, weighting the answers based on how strong your relationships were. This manifested in a curated daily feed of things to do. However, instead of endless swiping, it was limited a group of things that would take less than a half hour. Each user’s relationship strength was shown to them, but kept private from their community. Helping them weigh the received.


User interface

Custom icons
Custom icons
Onboarding screens
Onboarding screens


In early user testing, people reacted positively to the app. They were willing to share their contacts and engage with app’s features. We had started to build a digital product that let user privately leverage their offline relationships.

What you’ve designed and helped build for us is a quality user interface that you have much to be proud for and your effort has helped get us to this stage.

Intronet Investor

However, the business was never able to find a product market fit that could build enough momentum to reach our investors goals. Intronet was sunseted, and it’s underlying IP was sold.