How would you create a social network that improves your career?

The Challenge

Intronet wanted to make it easier for people to share connections, information, and expertise without the baggage of existing platforms.


I research what other networks were doing and users' satification with them. Armed with this data, I looked for unexplored niches to differentate our product.

Intronet had previous success with a web-based introduction product. Using that learning, along with new research, we set out create a place where people could get help from trusted members of their real-world networks. Additionally, users could be introduced to new contacts with confidence through their own trusted sources.


In early user testing, people reacted positively to the app. They were willing to share their contacts and egnage with app's feartures. We had started to build a digital product that let use privately leverage their offline relationships.

“What you've designed and helped build for us is a quality user interface that you have much to be proud for and your effort has helped get us to this stage.”

- Intronet Investor