Design Sprint Certified

I really love collaborating!

What’s a Design Sprint?

A 4-day process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products,
or improving existing ones.

The Design Sprint condenses user-centric ethos, and designing thinking frameworks into a concise, repeatable process. It’s a recipe for getting teams to align on the problems they’re solving and generate solutions.

Who certified you?

The master class was run by AJ&Smart and Jake Knapp, the co-creator the the Design Sprint process. It’s the latest version of the process which takes advantage of what they’ve learned running sprints with client of various sizes around the world.

Design Sprint Masterclass Certification

Why’d you do it?

As a practitioner and teacher, it’s my responsibility to learn and be able to share best practices with my clients and students.

I’ve used (and will continue to use) other frameworks for designing products. However, when you’re trying something big, risky, and/or potentially costly, the sprint process is the best way (so far) that I’ve seen for teams come together, innovate, and produce quality products.

If you’re interested in trying a Design Sprint, let’s talk!