(Kick)Start me up

A Sketch starter kit for faster mockups

In my practice, I work with client to validate new ideas and explore business challenges. Often, this ends up in some form of rapid prototyping to get customer feedback. Shortening the time from concept to testing keeps the team’s enthusiasm high and allows budgets to be spent on higher level thinking rather than disposable artifacts.

Is this another UI Kit?

Nope. UI kits haven’t helped me solve real problems. They’re too opinionated. My clients usually come with a styleguide or system I need to adapt to the new product.

What’s your solution?

I hate busy work. So, I tracked the parts of UI design that a) I kept repeating b) need to share with co-designers. I converted these things into easy to modify, reusable components and named things for their function, rather than their appearance. My intention is to strike a balance between structure, speed, and freedom.

The kit I’ve developed is intended for people with a high level of expertise in in Sketch. It is based on nested symbols, layers and text styles.

Download the Starter Kit

I hope it helps you with your work. Please let me know how you use it!