I’m happy to help you do good work

Good design is honest, inclusive, and engaging

Good design shouldn’t hide its agenda

A product should be clear about what it’s doing for you and what it’s doing with your information. You should be able to make use of it and move on with your life. Using psychological tricks to steal your attention is dishonest. I want to tell the truth.

Good design shouldn’t hurt

A product should help you. Whoever you are. If a side effect of a product ends up harming people, the design was not successful. It needs to be fixed and the harm remedied. Even more so, if its intention is make someone’s life worse, it should never be made. That goes for anything supporting guns, fascist ideology, racism, anti-LGBTQ, and patriarchal domination of society. I want to help people.

Good design shouldn’t be forgettable

A product should capture your attention. Remember when the internet was weird and fun? I’d like to keep that spirit alive. I’m not really excited by trends and cookie cutter designs (though I do enjoy these cookies). I want to present things in their clearest form, and show off it’s uniqueness.

About me

I value progressive politics, feminism, and compassion. I practice the gentle art of Brazilian Ju-jitsu. I love to cook and share food with my family and friends. And, I’m probably listening at a podcast right now.

My pronouns are he/him/his.